13 July 2007

"Criminal" directed by Gregory Jacobs

This 2004 movie is a remake in English of “Nueve Reinas” (Nine Queens) the Argentinian heist movie written and directed by Fabian Bielinsky.

The movie is unique amongst heist flicks. A senior con artist and his understudy start the day in sunny Los Angeles with small time operations. The unfolding day gives them an opportunity to do a big ticket scam on a rich “mark”. A series of characters (not one of them honest) and rapid turn of events pose several challenges.

The movie grabs your attention right at start and holds it firm right to the end. The movie progresses along predictable lines for a brief while; and then it takes you on an unpredictable roller coaster ride.

Don’t miss it. Have fun.

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nafs said...

Yes... its just fantastic to watch...If you have time, see THE AURA by Fabian Bielinsky.. A real masterpiece.. Wonderful Experience.