08 August 2007

"Battle at Kruger" by David Budzinski and Jason Schlosberg

You are having a fun vacation in Kruger National Park in South Africa. You brought that videocamera you received as a corporate gift (taking some time to figure out where the record button is) just in case something interesting happens.

Your jeep reaches a serene peaceful watering hole. You see a herd of cape buffalos ambling along from your left. You see a small pride of lions on the right. The lions are crouching forward. The buffalos sense and run for their lives. A calf does not make it and is caught and held by the lions near water. Out of the blue (pun intended) spring a pair of crocodiles trying to take the lunch away from the lions. A battle ensues. The crocodiles give up. The lions are about to settle for a peaceful lunch. The cape buffalos come back with strength and surround the lions. Have you seen a cape buffalo leverage its head to catch and throw a lion into the sky? This time the lions run for their lives. Life is far more precious than lunch in African Savannah. To top it all, the calf has survived the sharp teeth of the lions and the crocodiles. It slowly rises and joins the herd.

You managed to keep the entire thing recorded focusing on the right subject all the time in spite of a mileu of players and a script that no one could have anticiapted.

How would you feel?

David Budzinski was elated and ended up with the most popular viral video that "Disney could not have scripted" thanks to fellow traveller Jason Schlosberg's initiative in putting this on YouTube.

If ever you want to teach someone about the effectiveness of teams, just play this video.

Have fun. Dont miss it.

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dharmabum said...

that was simply too much. thanks for sharing...the myriad ways of nature...