19 December 2009

"Climate change" by all of us

There is a problem.  Some people caused it in the course of creating their prosperity.  Others want their opportunity to create prosperity (and add to the problem).  Who should solve it?  

True culprits (in the last 250 years) are US and EU.  Citizens of US, EU and West Asia cause the maximum damage per person.  However the smokestack is currently the worst in China, US and EU.  India, unrestrained, could join the list.

Fair solution requires two steps:  One, impose a quota based on area and population (and levy a penalty on excess); Two, levy a one time tax on past culprits to compensate those who did not cause it in the past.

Is this feasible?  Not unless US, EU, China and India agree.  True test of statesmanship for US/EU mostly and China/India to a lesser extent.

Until this is done, all children (American, European, Chinese and Indian) can look forward to a less comfortable planet to inhabit.


P L K said...

Hi TRS....I agree with you. Every literate should think on this issue and do their bit to protect the climate.

When manufacturing and other industries moved to low cost locations in China and India....under globalisation, contributors of climate change are passed to these countries at no cost.

I think 3rd step should be imposing a reasonable ongoing tax by these countries and fund the research to protect the climate.It should be in the similar lines of antidumping tax. This tax should not cause passing of the climate change contributors to further low cost locations by industry relocations. Definetly India and China can take this step to protect their industries and also stand as role models for the future generations. Regards P L K

P L K said...

I happend to read an artical from Wipro that an average IT person contributes approximately 3Tons of carbon emission per year and Wipro has taken steps to cut this down by 30% in next 5 years. It will be very useful to know such reference stats. Regards P L K