19 March 2012

"Inside the Pakistan Army" by Carey Schofield

Carey Schofield has two claims to write this book:
1.   She (as a woman) spent time at the frontline with Pakistan army and
2.  She resided in Pakistan long enough to consider it her second home.
She had access to several Generals and Corps Commanders of Pakistan Army.

You would have thought she would provide an insight into an Army that is into business; into political rule; pursuing a global policy of running with the hare and hunting with the hound; and in the words of one Pakistan Prime Minister, had more success in fighting its people inside Pakistan than its adversaries outside.

Instead, Carey’s book looks more like propaganda material written by an admirer with very little insight into Pakistan Army’s impact on Pakistan’s prosperity and peace.

Two samples that make me believe this is more an essay by an indoctrinated school girl writing about her sponsors than an academic’s research into an institution of importance in a country of importance to the world:
1.  “Pakistan army may be flawed; but it is the best we have got”.  (Nice yardstick!)
2.  “I liked Mr Zardari; he was original and funny, and unassuming” (Am sure the President of Pakistan is more than that).

Waste of time.

There are many other excellent books about Pakistan Army.

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