14 December 2012

"Anza deception" by P R Ganapathy

I know Guns.  In two ways:  As a fellow traveller to investor conferences in the early years of last decade striving to attract/retain investor interest in the stocks we were representing; and as the son-in-law of a cherished and inspiring colleague. 

I did not know Guns.  Seems he studies military history, knows how to fly; owned an aircraft in addition to his mastery on price/earnings multiples.

The combination of interests in military history, skills in flying aircrafts, and creative communication as an IR manager is telling in the way he narrates a story. 

A story that could almost be true.  A story that involves a few missiles going missing in Pakistan; ending up in the hands of jihadists; power play by super sleuths in Pakistan, China and India; cabals who are cunning; and politicians with aspirations.  The story line is awesome, realistic and believable.  The last line is predictable; but it is fun getting to the last line all the way.

The narration is awesome too.  I read the first 25% over three/four sessions.  I had to read the next 75% in one session. 

India now has her own Robert Ludlum to write stories with an Indian background for Indian audience.

I look forward to his next book.

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PR Ganapathy said...

Thanks a lot, TRS, for very kind comments. I am glad you enjoyed the book.