01 January 2013

"The Universe in a nutshell" by Dr Michio Kaku

As a young boy, he accompanied his mother to the Japanese garden in San Francisco.  It was raining.  The pond was murky; its surface full of rain induced ripples.  The lily flowers were swaying in the wind.  The young boy imagined what an intelligent fish swimming in the pond would observe and what conclusions would such a fish come to about its universe.  The fish would conclude that there is a strong correlation between ripples in its sky and the sway of the lily stems and the dirt in its ambience.  The fish would miss the rain and the wind.  Dr Michio Kaku suggested that we should not be prisoners of our own observations; and learn to see beyond.

That started my journey with Dr Michio Kaku's books.  I have been a fan ever since.

Here is a 42 minutes introduction to Physics that is worth a fresh man year.  Enjoy the best 42 minutes of your life.

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